Common Skin and Nail Health Concerns

Our feet are often tucked away in socks and shoes making it easy to forget about them and the care they need to keep their skin and nails healthy. However, there are multiple conditions that can affect both the skin on your feet and your toenails, so before you slip on those socks and tie up those shoes, it’s wise to learn symptoms of common problems that can occur. That way, you can spot signs early and get the treatment you need as quickly as possible so you don’t compromise your skin and nail health.Skin and nail health concerns

Watch for Signs of These Skin Conditions

Athlete’s Foot – This itchy, red rash is caused by a fungus that typically takes up camp between the toes. The rash can spread, become, scaly, burn and even blister. We can prescribe medications to get rid of the rash as well as provide prevention tips to keep it from coming back. It’s best to have us take a look to rule out other conditions, such as an allergic reaction.

Corns and Calluses – These rough built-up layers of skin form due to pressure and friction in an attempt to protect your feet, however they can become painful and make it difficult to wear shoes. It’s vital, especially if you have diabetes, not to try to cut these hardened patches away.

Warts – Warts are skin growths that are caused by the human papillomavirus. They are stubborn, contagious, and easily spread, so prompt treatment is a must!

Blisters – These fluid-filled bubbles form due to friction and can be painful. Protect the area by applying antibacterial ointment and covering it with a bandage. If a blister breaks, it’s important to keep the top layer of skin intact to protect against infection.

Cancer – When putting on sunscreen, don’t forget the skin on your feet! Skin cancer can affect feet, too, and the earlier you spot it, the sooner essential treatment can be given. Look for new moles which are asymmetrical, have irregular borders, or are changing in size or color.

Keep an Eye Out for These Toenail Troubles

Ingrown Nails – A toenail that grows inward instead of straight can cause pain and tenderness, and even end up piercing the skin, leaving you vulnerable to infection. Proper trimming and shoes that fit well can help you escape this problem, however if your nail does become ingrown, there are procedures that can help bring you relief.

Fungal Toenails – Yellow, crumbly, and thick toenails are caused by a fungus hiding beneath. This stubborn condition may need prescription-strength medication, and in severe cases, a surgical procedure. Protect yourself against a fungal infection by keeping feet clean and dry and always wearing shoes in public places.

Black Toenails – Repetitive trauma to the toe, such as ramming it against the front of a running shoe, can cause a buildup of blood beneath the nail. This pooling of blood makes the nail look black, and can cause so much pressure that the nail may lift, and in some cases, even fall off.

If you are experiencing any problems with the skin on your feet or troubles with your toenails, give us a call so we can help! You can reach our Princeton, NJ location at (609) 924-8333 or our Roselle Park office at (908) 687-5757. Your skin and nail health is part of your overall well-being — don’t forget about your feet! Get them the care they need to stay healthy by scheduling an appointment with us today.