Sprains – FAQ

How can I strengthen my ankle after a sprain?

Rehab is an essential component of treatment for an ankle sprain. Once the ligaments in your ankle heal, they’ll still need exercise to regain the strength, stability, flexibility, and range of motion that they lost due to both the injury and the downtime of recovery.

Initially you’ll probably be limited to range of motion exercises, but once your doctor clears you for weight-bearing activity and thinks you’re ready, you can begin strengthening exercises. Your program may consist of isometric exercises (which involves pushing against fixed objects, like walls or furniture) and isotonic exercises (which require the use of a resistance band).

It’s important to carefully follow the program set out by your doctor or physical therapist. Moving to a new phase of strengthening exercises before you’re ready for them can be counterproductive, even reversing some of the healing progress. Don’t “wing it”; get the steps from your care provider and make sure you understand them fully. To make an appointment with Associates in Podiatry, please call (609) 924-8333 for Princeton or (908) 687-5757 for Roselle Park.