QuadraStep Orthotics: 4 Steps to Pain-Free Feet

Your foot structure influences the way in which you walk (otherwise known as your gait). Any abnormalities in your gait can make you prone to injury and even cause you pain. Flat feet, high arches, and inherited deformities are all examples of structural issues that can lead to painful conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to identify such problems and address them with a little help from custom orthotic inserts, specifically Quadrastep Orthotics.

The Quadrastep SystemQuadrastep Orthotics

This break-through technology uses a computer algorithm that identifies and differentiates the structural and functional dynamics of your feet. The system then takes the information collected from this assessment, and categorizes your feet into one of six different types, determining your specific needs accordingly. This allows us to select the perfect prefabricated insole that provides the exact features necessary to address any issues that are causing you problems and pain.

There are six different types of Quadrastep orthotics — one to fit each foot type – and all are designed to normalize various faulty structures and stresses placed upon your feet, thus helping them to function properly, and relieving symptoms.

4 Steps to Living Pain-Free

As the name “Quadrastep” implies, there are four steps to determining which orthotic is right for you. This is based on clinical evidence that has shown there to be four main features that influence how your feet function: arch height, foot position, gait, and pressure areas. Any issues with these or combination of them can lead to common foot conditions. Therefore, the following steps are taken to determine which feature or features are behind your painful symptoms so we can in turn alleviate them:

  1. Identify medial arch height
  2. Determine foot and leg alignment
  3. Assess Gait
  4. Examine Callus Patterns

Once these four steps are completed, we have the information we need to prescribe one of the six Quadrastep orthotic designs uniquely suited to meet your needs.

An Easy Way to Ease Symptoms

Quadrastep orthotics are manufactured using an injection molded thermoplastic compound that provides strong durability yet with a soft and comfortable feel. There is no need for casting, impressions, or scans of your feet – the Quadrastep system does it all for you!  The devices singularly incorporate the unique combination of features needed to resolve your issues, providing the exact amount of support and cushion you need, exactly where you need it. They slip easily into your shoes, correcting structural abnormalities, holding your feet in proper position, and straightening your gait, thus alleviating pain. On top of everything, they’re also easy to get used to and easy to clean!

If you are struggling with foot pain of any kind, contact us to find out more about our Quadrastep Orthotics. You can make an appointment by calling (609) 924-8333 to reach our Princeton office, or (908) 687-5757 for our Roselle Park location. We will be happy to answer your questions and help determine if the Quadrastep system could benefit you! It’s possible that in just 4 simple steps you could be pain-free!