HyProCure Treatment for Misaligned Feet

HyProCure–The Proven Solution to Misaligned Feet

Your feet are the most used and abused part of your body. In fact, the average person takes thousands of steps everyday. If your feet are misaligned, these steps can have a negative impact on your body.

What exactly are misaligned feet?

Misaligned feet are the result of the ankle bone sliding off of the heel bone causing the small, naturally-occurring space in between (called the sinus tarsi) to collapse. When you stand on feet that are misaligned, it causes a chain reaction of misalignment through the body. Your body is then forced to compensate by putting excessive strain on your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

It is estimated that nearly 45% of people have misaligned feet.

Misaligned feet are quite common, but often misdiagnosed because they cause a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms including knee, hip and back pain. They affect people of all ages.

How HyProCure Works?

HyProCure corrects misaligned feet, or hyperpronation, at its root cause. HyProCure is specifically designed to fix talotarsal displacement, a common condition where the ankle turns inward and the forefoot turns outward.

When your feet are aligned, your ankle bone (talus) sits directly on top of your heel bone (calcaneus). The front edge of each bone is almost aligned with the other (the front edge of your ankle bone slightly overlaps the front edge of your heel bone) and there is a naturally occurring space in between them, called the sinus tarsi.

When your feet are misaligned, your ankle bone falls forward and out of line with your heel bone. This causes the sinus tarsi to collapse and the natural arch in your foot to fall flat. In fact, having flat feet is not so much a symptom, as it is the visible collapse of the sinus tarsi.

HyProCure is placed into the sinus tarsi and keeps the space from collapsing. This realigns the foot, restores the natural joint motion and redistributes the weight and balance of the body. HyProCure is a real and permanent solution for faulty foot mechanics and significantly reduces the negative effect on the body as a result of having misaligned feet.

The HyProCure Procedure

The HyProCure procedure is minimally invasive and is typically done in 20-minutes or less. It is often performed in an outpatient setting under a twilight sleep or local sedation.

HyProCure is placed in the naturally occurring space between your bones to instantly realign and stabilize the hindfoot. HyProCure will not penetrate or be implanted into your bones.

Once placed, it will then allow normal joint range of motion and weight distribution of your body on your feet. Many times HyProCure is performed as a stand-alone, single procedure. However, due to the complex nature of the foot, there may be additional surgical procedures that must also be performed in order to realign or stabilize other parts of the foot.


Most HyProCured patients are back to normal walking within a a few weeks, but this may vary from patient to patient based on their prior physical condition. The bones, tendons and ligaments throughout the foot and rest of the body will adapt to the corrected position over the following several months.

Why Choose HyProCure?

HyProCure works differently than other treatment options, which is what makes it so effective. It is placed into a naturally-occurring space in between the ankle bone and heel bone through a small incision below the outer ankle bone. There are no pins, screws or drills required.

Unlike other stents that block your range of motion, HyProCure stabilizes the foot and restores natural joint motion. You are able to move your foot freely so that you can easily perform day-to-day activities. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, patients are typically back into their “normal” shoes within a few weeks, if not sooner.

FDA cleared since 2004, HyProCure has been used by foot and ankle specialists (DPM/MD) in over 50,000 procedures in 50 countries.

Am I a Candidate?

Many foot problems and secondary issues such as knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain can be the result of having misaligned feet. Other signs include bunions, hammertoes, painful heel spurs, sore feet, shin splints, sore knees and other seemingly unrelated problems.

HyProCure is an effective, minimally invasive way to resolve this extremely common deformity. Conservative estimates indicate that up to 45% of people of all ages suffer from the pain and discomfort of foot misalignment and related secondary conditions. HyProCure is an outpatient procedure of 20-minutes or less and restores the natural joint range of motion in the foot.

Once the HyProCure is placed, the bones will be realigned and the majority of the body’s weight will naturally be rebalanced on the bones surrounding it. For most patients, there is a significant improvement in walking, running, or jumping. Listen to how HyProCure has positively changed patients’ lives.

Treatment Comparison Chart

HyProCure is a simple and effective alternative to orthotics and reconstructive surgery. Below we’ve put together a chart to help you better understand and compare HyProCure to other treatments.