Bunions FAQs

When is bunion surgery necessary?

Generally speaking, bunion surgery is never “necessary” in a medical sense—as an elective procedure, you’re always able to make the call about whether or not it’s right for you.

However, surgery is often recommended if pain and discomfort are severe, you’re finding it increasingly difficult to find shoes that fit normally or accomplish daily tasks without pain, and especially if conservative treatment options fail to provide adequate relief. Once a bunion has formed, only surgery can fix the deformity itself, and while we never recommend surgery for cosmetic reasons—if there’s no pain, you shouldn’t have surgery—surgical correction or management is often the best choice when the bunion begins to infringe on your quality of life.

All that being said, this is merely a basic guideline—the decision about whether or not to have surgery must be made in consultation between you and your surgeon. If you’re suffering from bunion pain and wondering what treatments would be best for you, please visit Associates in Podiatry in Princeton or Roselle Park, NJ for professional care. Call 609-924-8333 for Princeton, or 908-687-5757 for Roselle Park.