Sever’s Disease: Young Athletes and Growing Pains

Kids might complain about what’s for dinner, or whine if they don’t get their way, but if they start complaining about their heels hurting, well that’s something parents shouldn’t dismiss. The likely culprit is Sever’s disease, commonly present in active kids going through a growing spurt. Take heart, though, that like talking back and rolling […]

Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease is when the small arteries that circulate blood in the extremities, such as the hands and feet, become narrow due to vapospasms. Vapospasms are contractions that can occur due to stress or cold temperatures. The result is the affected areas feeling numb and cold as a result of the restricted blood circulation. It […]


Osteomyelitis is a bacterial bone infection that can strike people of any age. In adults, osteomyelitis most frequently strikes the hips, vertebrae, or feet; in children, the ends of the long bones in the arms and legs are the most common site for the disease. Bone infection can occur as a result of an infection […]

Ollier’s Disease

Ollier’s disease, or enchondromatosis, is a rare congenital disease of abnormal bone development due to cartilage overgrowth in the form of enchondromas, or benign, non-cancerous tumors. The limbs’ long bones and joint cartilage are affected by the disease, and the small bones and metatarsals of the hands and feet are common sites for the enchondromas […]

Maffucci’s Syndrome

Maffucci’s syndrome is a very rare congenital disease, wherein multiple enchondromas develop on the bones, along with hemangiomas, or soft tissue tumors that involve entangled, abnormal blood vessels. The benign, non-cancerous cartilage growths form in the cartilage at the end of bones, where bone growth occurs. They most frequently develop in the hands and feet, […]

Kohler’s Disease

Kohler’s disease occurs in young children. Usually caused by abnormal foot artery growth, it disrupts blood supply to the foot and weakens the bone. The disease usually heals over time on its own; however, treatment may involve restricted activity and orthotics and braces to support the bone while it strengthens and heals.


Gout, a complex type of arthritis, results from an accumulation of uric acid in the joints. The big toe joint is often affected by gout, probably due to the pressure it is subjected to during walking and standing. Gout causes pain, extreme tenderness, throbbing, and a burning sensation in the joint, with localized redness and […]

Freiberg’s Disease

Freiberg’s disease is a rare disorder of the foot’s metatarsal joints. The metatarsal bones run from the toes to the arch of the foot. With Freiberg’s disease, the joint surfaces disintegrate and/ or collapse and abnormal tissue forms in the joint. It can be the result of foot injury or trauma or the occurrence of […]

Charcot Foot

Those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy—particularly as a consequence of diabetes—are at increased risk for significant foot problems. One of the most serious and debilitating potential complications is a condition known as Charcot foot, also known as Charcot arthropathy. Charcot foot is a progressive foot deformity that gradually leads to severely fractured, deformed, and misshapen […]

Cancers and Growths

Cancers and Growths: To the surprise of many, the skin and bones of the foot can become inflicted with a variety of cancers, just like any other part of the human body. Here are some of the more common types of cancer than can affect the feet: Giant cell tumors: Giant cell tumors are benign, […]