Where Toenail Fungus Hides

Toenail fungus from shoesSocks and shoes are a must this time of year, but warm and cozy feet can get hot and sweaty, and that is exactly the type of environment toenail fungus loves! Yes, fungi can actually be found inside your own socks, shoes, and boots! Now, obviously, footwear is needed in winter weather like ours, but just make sure socks are moisture-wicking and always clean and dry, shoes are made of breathable materials, and boots are allowed time to dry out before wearing them again. It’s a good idea to sprinkle or spray some anti-fungal products in your footwear, too, just to be safe.

Of course, while it’s true that you need to be wary of your footwear, it’s important not to go without it, either, especially in public places where fungi like to frequent. We’re talking about the gym, locker rooms, saunas, and pools. So, if you’re heading inside to workout, bring along some shower shoes or sandals. Also, never share towels – toenail fungus can spread, and a damp towel is the perfect way for it to get around!

Another place toenail fungus hides is at the nail salon. Sure, you go there for pretty nails, but if you’re not careful, you might leave with exactly the opposite! Make sure the salon you choose properly sanitizes footbaths and tools. If you trim nails at home, keep your clippers clean and don’t go too short! You don’t want to risk even the smallest break in the skin – fungus doesn’t need much to invite itself in!

Fungal toenails are tough to get rid of once you get them, so take these preventative steps to avoid the problem in the first place! It might be impossible to completely avoid toenail fungus hangouts, but you can at least protect yourself the best you can.