Straight Talk About Hammertoe Surgery

If you think about it, getting stuck is usually not very pleasant. Being stuck in traffic, stuck in a rut, or stuck with the short end of a stick are not things typically considered fun. Well, the same goes with toes stuck in an abnormal curled position!

Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoes are characterized by tips of toes pointing downward and their middle joints jutting up. While this may not bother you much at first (since in the initial stages, you can straighten your toes), over time the affected toes can become rigid and ultimately remain curled, causing pain and corns and calluses from friction against shoes. However, just because your toes are stuck that way, doesn’t mean you’re stuck living with them! Hammertoe surgery can straighten hammertoes and help you get back to pain-free days again.

There are three main procedures, all of which are not overly complicated and can be done right in our office. Basically, we will reroute or readjust tendons and ligaments to hold your toe flat. In more serious cases, we may need to fuse your joint in place to keep your toe in proper position. You can expect some swelling and discomfort which can be eased by icing and elevating your foot, as well as by taking anti-inflammatory medication. You will also need to wear a protective boot and keep weight off your foot, but usually only for a few weeks.

Of course, attending to hammertoes in their early stages — with stretches, splints, pads, orthotics, or buddy taping — is always recommended first, but if these measures don’t prove to be successful, or you just plain waited too long to try them, call us to discuss your hammertoe surgery options. You can reach our Roselle Park office at (908) 687-5757, and our Princeton location at (609) 924-8333. Don’t get stuck with hammertoe pain. We’ll help you straighten things out so you can back to the activities you love!