Stop the Spread of Stubborn Warts

Spring fever is spreading fast! People all over the community are out and about enjoying the weather and having fun, but with all that activity, the excitement for spring might not be the only thing that’s getting around. Warts are highly contagious and can spread not only from person-to-person, but from surface-to-surface, too! That means if you walk barefoot across the pool deck that someone with a wart just strolled over, guess what? You could easily pick up the human papillomavirus that causes warts, and bam – now you have the bumpy growths. Luckily there are some ways to stop the spread of warts, and keep clear of the virus at their source.

Stop the Spread of WartsFirst, remember that barefoot is bad. Always wear sandals or slip on shower shoes when walking in public places like pool sides, bath houses, and locker rooms.

Next, know that the virus can enter your body through any size break in the skin – a nick from shaving, a torn toenail, even just a scratch. Protect such injuries – no matter how small — with a bandage.

Keep feet clean and dry, and that goes for your socks and shoes, as well.

Never share pedicure tools, toiletries, towels, or footwear with others who may put you at risk for contamination.

If you do get a wart, whatever you do, don’t pick at it! Come see us and we can help get you started on a treatment program. Warts can be stubborn, so store-bought remedies aren’t always effective. You may need prescription strength medications, laser treatment, or in serious cases, surgical removal.

Call us to find out more or to make an appointment. You can reach our Princeton, NJ office at (609) 924-8333, or our Roselle Park location at (908) 687-5757. We might not have a cure for Spring Fever, but we can absolutely help you stop the spread of warts!