How to Stay Off the Sideline and In the Game

The most disliked part of sports is often the refereeing, although injuries probably have a slight edge over bad calls! No one likes to get hurt, any more than being called for a penalty, but while you can’t always control when the folks in black and white stripes blow the whistle, you can take steps to prevent sports injuries from sidelining you. Here are some strategies to stay off the sidelines and in the game:Warming Up

Wear the right gear. Make sure you have all safety equipment required, everything is in good shape, and your shoes are appropriate for the activity.

Train properly. Make sure to follow a gradual training program to prepare your body, but not so much so that you increase your risk of an overuse injury! Cross-training can help switch things up enough to reduce repetitive stress.

Don’t skip the warm up. Cold, tight muscles and soft tissues are more likely to strain, pull, and tear! Warm up prior to activity to stay loose and less likely to get hurt.

Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Staying hydrated is important, as is eating a nutritious diet to provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform at your best.

Follow the rules. Sure, the referees might not always get it right, but you are less likely to hear a whistle blow if you follow the rules, and guess what? You’re less likely to get injured, too!

Practice good form. To play to your potential and stay injury-free, it’s essential to have proper form. This may entail more practice, additional coaching, or possibly wearing orthotics to correct poor biomechanics.

Listen to your body. If you’re feeling pain, rest. Remember, taking a little time off now is better than a lot of time off later!

Follow this game plan and your chances of getting sidelined will definitely decrease.  Of course, you can’t always avoid injuries, so if you do happen to get hurt, make the right call — dial (609) 924-8333 to schedule a visit with our Princeton office, or (908) 687-5757 for an appointment at our Roselle Park location. Our team is always ready!