Shoe Shopping Tips for Growing Kids

Shoe shopping for kidsIt’s been said that kids grow like weeds, but with this cooler weather, weeds have pretty much come to a halt – not true if you have growing kids! Nope, children keep right on growing no matter the season or the weather, so while you may not have to worry about your lawn mower anymore, you still have to keep up with your kids’ shoes to ensure they fit their growing feet. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with a lot worse problems than crab grass and dandelions!

To avoid children’s foot issues, like blisters, juvenile bunions, ingrown toenails, and possible injuries, it’s vital that your kids’ shoes fit properly and are appropriate for their activities. So, keep these tips handy when you head out to go shoe shopping for your kids:

Bring your child with you. Different shoes can fit differently, so it’s important for your child to try footwear on before purchasing it to ensure comfort and fit.

Always measure their feet. With growing children, shoe sizes can change even from month to month! Make sure feet are measured on every shoe shopping trip.

Buy for the larger foot. It’s actually quite common for one foot to be bigger than the other. Always buy the size which fits the bigger foot – better one shoe is a little big than one being too small.

Don’t buy anything that needs “breaking in.” Shoes should fit and be comfortable right off the bat!

Look for certain qualities:

  • Heels should be sturdy and not able to collapse.
  • Shoes should be flexible enough to bend with your child’s toes.
  • Look for a rigid middle. Give the shoe a twist to ensure it doesn’t twist in the middle.

Kids really do grow fast, so keep an eye out for signs that new shoes are needed. Check your child’s feet for irritation, make sure you can fit your thumb between their toes and the front end of the shoes, and watch out for worn soles. That way you’ll know exactly when to put kids’ shoe shopping at the top of your to-do list!

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