QuadraStep Orthotics: Custom-Made for Your Feet

The dog days of summer are just around the corner, but if your dogs have been barking for months now, maybe it’s time you considered orthotic shoe inserts. Not the store-bought kind that are one size fits all, though. Those might add a little cushion, but they’re simply not able to correct structural or biomechanical issues, nor meet any other specific needs of your unique feet. A better option would be custom orthotics to address the source of your foot pain, not just the symptoms — and we have just the thing!

Custom orthoticsQuadrastep orthotics are made to order, not only fitting the unique contours of your feet, but also addressing your specific needs. Using innovative technology, we are able to collect specific data about your feet, identifying and differentiating structural and functional dynamics. With this information, your feet are then categorized into one of six different types to perfectly customize prefabricated insoles that will provide exactly what’s needed to correct whatever’s causing your pain.

Beyond simply adding cushion like standard inserts do, Quadrastep orthotics provide support where you need it, hold feet in proper alignment, distribute weight evenly, accommodate deformities, correct abnormal gait, and more! The bottom line is they relieve foot pain, and specifically yours!

So, stop those dogs from barking and enjoy the rest of your summer in peace and comfort. Call for an appointment by dialing (609) 924-8333 to reach our Princeton office, or (908) 687-5757 for our Roselle Park location, and we’ll determine if Quadrastep orthotics could benefit you!