Preventing Ingrown Toenails in 2018

prevent ingrown toenails

Working on your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? If you knew the pain of an ingrown toenail in 2017 (or at any point in your life, really), then preventing another one should probably rank near the top of your 2018 list.

Ingrown toenails are painful and frustrating. They can make simply putting on a pair of shoes a nightmare. They also provide a convenient opportunity for bacteria, fungi, and other infecting agents to cause more trouble. If you have diabetes or a compromised circulatory or immune system, they can even be dangerous to your long-term wellbeing.

If you want to prevent ingrown toenails in 2018, be mindful of these tips:

  • Don’t squeeze your toes into shoes that don’t fit. If your shoes are too short, aren’t deep enough, or have pointy toe boxes, they can press toenails downward or sideways as they grow. (Parents, keep an eye on your kids’ feet—during a growth spurt they can outgrow their shoes in a hurry.)
  • Don’t trim your toenails too short. You want to give them about medium length (roughly even with the toe tips). Don’t round the corners as much as you would with your fingernails.
  • Don’t leave your toenails too long, either. It increases the likelihood that tight shoes or socks will pinch and press on them.
  • Protect your toes. Don’t wear flip-flops if the situation calls for closed toes, and don’t wear basic sneakers if the situation calls for steel-toed work boots! Toe injuries (stubs, jams, dropping an object on your feet, repeatedly kicking a soccer ball, etc.) often cause ingrown toenails.
  • Choose your spa wisely. Pedicures are great, but not if your technician cuts your nails too far back. Stick to licensed, reputable salons with experienced staff.

We certainly hope that these safe, smart, and conservative tips are able to spare you the pain of an ingrown toenail this year. However, the unfortunate truth is that some people are just prone to ingrown nails no matter what they do, due to bad luck in the genetic lottery. But don’t worry, because we still have an ace in the hole:

  • If you suffer from recurring ingrown toenails, stop by our office and we’ll get rid of them for good. Not only will we cut out and remove the ingrown nail itself, but we’ll also eliminate part of the matrix that forms new nail. That should get rid of the problem for good.

Make 2018 the year where your ingrown toenails are gone for good! To schedule an appointment with the Associates in Podiatry, please fill out an appointment request form or call the office closest to you:

  • Princeton: (609) 924-8333
  • Roselle Park: (908) 687-5757