Oh the Things Orthotics Can Do

There are so many things you can do in the summertime! From picnics and outdoor concerts, to swimming, camping, and more! It kind of reminds us of all the things orthotics can do –a list nearly as long as your summer plans!


Often, people think orthotics merely give feet some added comfort and support, but their benefits go far beyond that! Our QuadraStep system gathers data about your unique feet, then determines what type of orthotic design best suits your needs. Whether you require help with a condition, abnormality, or misalignment, there is an orthotic style for you!

If you have a deformity, like a bunion for instance, orthotics can divert pressure away from it. If you’ve inherited an unfortunate foot structure like high or low arches, orthotics can help with that, too! They can also correct bad biomechanics that may be making you prone to injury. Yep, they can do all that!

In fact, orthotics may be exactly what you need to help you do all the fun things on your summer to-do list without foot pain getting in your way!

So, go ahead and skip rope, ride your bike, relax around a campfire, and play tag with your kids – as sure as the summer sun sets in the sky, orthotics will help you enjoy the lifestyle you love!

Find out all that orthotics can do for you by scheduling an appointment with us today. You can reach our Roselle Park office at (908) 687-5757, and our Princeton location at (609) 924-8333. You can also connect with us by using our convenient online contact form.

Here’s to a happy summer! (Thanks to custom orthotics, of course!)