What NOT to Do if You Have Fungal Nails

Fungal toenails before treatmentFungal nails are not attractive. There, we said it. So, we totally understand that you’d want to cover them up with some pretty polish, but as tempting as it might be to disguise the thick, yellow, crumbly, nails, don’t do it! Polish can trap moisture in, and that’s just what the fungus wants! For your fungal infection to go away, you must resist the urge to hide it with polish. Here are some other things you should NOT do if you want your fungal toenails to clear up instead of worsen or spread:

  • Keep your pedicure appointment. Unless you want to spread your fungal infection around, stay away from the salon!
  • Borrow your friend’s cute shoes. Stop! Is that any way to thank your friend, by giving her your fungus?
  • Walk around barefoot at the gym. That’s probably how you got the toenail fungus in the first place! Fungi love damp, warm places.
  • Wear socks that make your feet sweaty. Yes, it’s cold outside, but if your feet get so warm that they sweat, well, you’re inviting the fungus to stick around even longer!
  • Pretend there’s no problem. Hey, it’s winter, right? You can just hide your toes in cozy slippers and warm boots – wrong! Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.
  • Blow it off until the Spring. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get rid of the fungus. Now’s the time to treat your toenails so they’re ready for spring. Then you can wear your sandals with confidence!

Now that we’ve covered what not to do, here’s what you should do: call us today to learn about your treatment options and let us help you tackle that toenails fungus so you can get your clear and attractive nails back. You can reach our Princeton, NJ office at (609) 924-8333, and our Roselle Park location at (908) 687-5757.