The High Price of Wearing High Heels

Spring fashion is hitting the stores, but if you have your eye on a pair of super-cute stilettos, make sure you intend to wear them for special occasions only! Wearing high heels too often not only wreaks havoc with your feet, but can mess with your calves, knees, and even your back! That’s because when your foot is at such an abnormal angle, it displaces your weight, causes muscles to become shortened and imbalanced, and bones misaligned and stressed. Excessive pressure is put on your joints, the balls of your feet, as well as the back of your heel. All this can lead to such issues as strained Achilles tendons, Haglund’s deformity (appropriately known as pump bump), ankle instability, erosion of natural cushioning, low back pain, knee pain, and more.

High Heel PainIn addition, most styles of high heels have a narrow or pointy toe box which squishes toes together. This, combined with the added pressure placed upon them, can result in hammertoes, ingrown toenails, as well as pinched nerve problems like the tingling numbness and pain of Morton’s neuroma.

Whew! That’s a lot of risks to take for the sake of fashion. Of course, it’s unrealistic to suggest never wearing high heels at all, but keeping the occasions you wear them at a minimum, as well as the length of time you have them on will help you stave off some of these problems. Wearing orthotics specially made for high heels, and stretching and massaging trouble spots regularly will also help keep your feet happy and healthy — and your ankles, legs, and back, too!

If you are having high heel troubles, switch to lower heels with roomy toe boxes, then give us a call so we can help you conquer your condition and return that spring in your step! You can schedule an appointment online or call our Roselle Park office at (908) 687-5757, or our Princeton location at (609) 924-8333.