Custom Orthotics vs. Store-Bought Inserts

After a day of summer fun, you might work up quite an appetite on top of your thirst, but simply guzzling a bottle of water only fixes part of the problem, right? You’re still hungry and need something more – a perfect analogy for custom orthotics vs. store-bought inserts!

custom orthoticWhen you purchase over-the-counter shoe inserts to help with foot pain, they may provide you with a little added comfort, but that’s it. They cannot fully address your problem because they are unable to correct the issues that are causing it! If you want complete relief and not just a partial solution, you need more than a store-bought pair of inserts – you need a pair of custom orthotics!

These devices are not one-size fits all like the over-the-counter variety. They are custom made to the contours of your unique feet, and designed with your specific needs in mind. A pair of custom orthotics can provide you with added comfort — just like the inserts you picked up at the store – but they can also be made to accommodate a deformity, correct a faulty foot structure, hold your foot in proper alignment, fix abnormal biomechanics, distribute weight evenly, and redirect pressure away from problem areas! In other words, custom orthotics address the source of your foot pain, not just the symptoms, for a total solution – kind of like quenching your thirst and satisfying your hunger at the same time!

So, if you are experiencing foot pain, don’t just head to the store for a partial resolution. For complete relief, head to Associates in Podiatry so we can custom-make orthotics just for you!

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