Individual Attention Matters: The Custom Orthotic Difference

Custom OrthoticsNo doubt you’ve seen them at your local corner drugstore, or maybe even ads on TV: insoles for your shoes. Cheap foam inserts might only cost a couple of bucks, while more expensive pairs might feature gel cushioning and a lot of fancy-sounding acronyms. If you’re suffering from foot pain and desperate for relief, picking up a set might be tempting, but here’s the question: do they really work?

Here’s the truth when it comes to these store-bought insoles: although they may be able to provide partial or temporary relief for minor episodes of foot pain, they really aren’t going to provide a lasting answer for most people with a significant, chronic problem with their feet. They might try to wow you with patented technology, but make no mistake—every foot is different, every case of foot pain is unique, and a mass-produced insole is never going to be as good as one made specially for you. At best, you’ll get incomplete relief. At worst, the wrong pair (say you choose arch supports when what you really need is extra cushioning) can even aggravate the fundamental problem.

That’s where we come in. If you’ve got serious foot pain, you need individual attention. When you visit our office, our trained podiatry team will take specific measurements of your foot shape in order to make a fully custom orthotic, designed just for you and built to fit your foot’s unique shape, providing precisely the correct amount of cushioning and support needed in exactly the right places. Most custom orthotics are adjustable, too, so if your foot shape changes slightly we can make adjustments and corrections to your existing device.

Better yet, while a cheap (or even moderately priced) set of off-the-shelf insoles might last you 4-6 months at most—less if you’re an active individual—a custom orthotic that is well cared for can last years.

So don’t settle for off-the-shelf insoles pumped out for the masses! Get the individual attention and care you need and deserve from Associates in Podiatry. We have two convenient offices to serve you: dial (609) 924-8333 to connect with us in Princeton, NJ, or (908) 687-5757 to see us in Roselle Park, NJ.