Bunions and Hammertoes: A Troublesome Twosome

Toe deformities can be a real drag. Bunions can be painful and make wearing shoes difficult. Hammertoes can make footwear uncomfortable as well, and cause corns and calluses to form. Having one or the other is enough to deal with, but the two together? Well, that’s, as they say, double trouble!

Unfortunately, where there’s a bunion, it’s likely that its buddy, the hammertoe, is hanging out right next door. These toe deformities often occur together, and here’s why:

When you have a bunion, your big toe drifts sideways toward your second toe causing both to lie in an abnormal position. The further the big toe strays, the more out of alignment it becomes, and before you know it, your big toe becomes shorter than your second – and when that second toe extends further out, pressure from the front of the shoe forces it to curl. Voila– a hammertoe is formed!

Custom Orthotics

So, what do you do if this duel deformity happens to you? At the first signs of trouble, slow progression and the problems that come with it by investing in orthotics, doing stretches, using splints and padding, and wearing shoes with plenty of toe room.

If the situation becomes serious and you are struggling with pain and an inability to participate in activities you once enjoyed, surgery may need to be considered. However, there is a silver lining. Just as bunions and hammertoes often form simultaneously – they can be fixed with surgical procedures at the same time, too! Bunion surgery and hammertoe surgery can be combined, so you can address both issues at once and be on your way back to pain-free days again.

If you have a bunion, hammertoe, or both, call and make an appointment in Roselle Park at (908) 687-5757, or dial (609) 924-8333 for our Princeton location. We’ll discuss your options and straighten out those toes so they won’t cause you anymore trouble!