Banish that Bursitis Pain

It’s a typical day: you get home, kick off your heels, and get ready to kick back, but wait – what’s that bump on the back of your heel and why does it hurt so much? Sounds like you have a case of Haglund’s deformity – otherwise known as “pump bump” — a common consequence of wearing high heels too often.Heels hurt from bursitis pain

Because these types of shoes tend to have stiff backs, they rub and press on your heel, and the bony protrusion where your Achilles tendon connects gets aggravated, along with the surrounding soft tissues. This often leads to bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa sac that normally provides the bone there with a barrier of protection. The result is a bump on the back of your heel that can be red, swollen, and tender to the touch, making it painful to wear shoes. Here’s what to do to banish that bursitis pain:

First, go shoe shopping — hooray, a perfect excuse! Save your high heeled pumps for special occasions, and fill your closet with some cute backless or soft-backed styles instead.

Next, take anti-inflammatory medication and ice the area to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Before you put on your new shoes, use a heel pad to protect the painful bump from added pressure and irritation. In severe cases, corticosteroid injections may be needed to bring you relief from bursitis, and in rare situations, a surgical procedure to drain the inflamed bursa may be necessary.

If you discover a bump on the back of your heel that is causing you pain, call us in Roselle Park at (908) 687-5757, or in Princeton at (609) 924-8333. We’ll help you come home, kick off your shoes, and kick back without any troubles at all! Bye-bye painful bursitis. Hello comfy couch!