Ways to Help Your Feet Have the Future They Deserve

You know you’ve done it before. You’re faced with a decision that will likely have a negative outcome, but pass it off by thinking, “That’s a problem for Future Me.” The problem with that is “Future You” eventually becomes “Present You.” And as we age, the future just seems to arrive faster and faster! When […]

The Big Reasons Why Diabetic Foot Care Matters

Good diabetes management is a head-to-toe commitment—literally! While a lot of attention is paid toward what you put inside you when you live with diabetes, it’s very important to consider what’s going on externally, too. This rings especially true when it comes to the health of your feet! The connection between diabetes management and your […]

Is it a Sprain or a Fracture? (And What Should I Do About It?)

Well, you certainly did something bad. The pain is a testament to that. Nobody ever plans on having a sprain or a fracture happen to their ankle. However, knowing exactly which misfortune you are dealing with isn’t always so easy to tell! The symptoms for both injuries can be deceptively similar. Of course, we have […]

How and Why to Exercise If You Have Foot or Ankle Arthritis

What’s the most frustrating thing about exercise? The more you need it, the more difficult it becomes. We’re not just talking about weight loss here, or even maintaining general fitness or endurance. Everybody knows that being active is an important part of achieving those goals, of course—and getting started is often the hardest part of […]

Fungal Toenail Treatment Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Fungal toenail treatment has come a long way in just a few decades. The condition, which can cause unsightly yellowing, warping, thickening, and crumbling of toenails, has earned a reputation for difficulty. The fungi don’t like to give up without a fight, and for a long time even the best treatment options were inconsistent, inefficient, […]