Tips for Protecting Your Diabetic Feet

Seat belts, sunscreen, door locks – these are all used to protect yourself from harm, but what about your feet? Keeping diabetic feet safe is vital to avoiding problems that could start small and get big quickly! Don’t let that happen to you, especially when summer is finally about to begin! Follow these tips for […]

The Dangers of Diabetic Ulcers

Like a spring cleaning checklist, those with diabetes must follow a detailed regimen, and one that’s far more important than cleaning windows and closets, and trimming back shrubs! From watching your diet and controlling glucose levels, to safely exercising and making sure your shoes fit properly, if you are diabetic, there is a lot on […]

Stop the Spread of Stubborn Warts

Spring fever is spreading fast! People all over the community are out and about enjoying the weather and having fun, but with all that activity, the excitement for spring might not be the only thing that’s getting around. Warts are highly contagious and can spread not only from person-to-person, but from surface-to-surface, too! That means […]

No More Fungal Nails with Noveon NaiLaser

Woo-hoo! It’s finally sandal season. Of course, if you have fungal toenails you’re probably not so excited about bearing your toes for the world to see. Not to worry, though. Our Noveon NaiLaser can tackle that toenail fungus fast, so you can have clear, healthy nails that you’ll be proud to show off! While other […]