QuadraStep Orthotics: Uniquely Made for Your Unique Feet

The dog days of summer are just around the corner, but if your dogs have been barking for months now, maybe it’s time you considered orthotic shoe inserts. Not the store-bought kind that are one size fits all, though. Those might add a little cushion, but they’re simply not able to correct structural or biomechanical […]

Custom Orthotics vs. Store-Bought Inserts

After a day of summer fun, you might work up quite an appetite on top of your thirst, but simply guzzling a bottle of water only fixes part of the problem, right? You’re still hungry and need something more – a perfect analogy for custom orthotics vs. store-bought inserts! When you purchase over-the-counter shoe inserts […]

Bunions and Hammertoes: A Troublesome Twosome

Toe deformities can be a real drag. Bunions can be painful and make wearing shoes difficult. Hammertoes can make footwear uncomfortable as well, and cause corns and calluses to form. Having one or the other is enough to deal with, but the two together? Well, that’s, as they say, double trouble! Unfortunately, where there’s a […]

Tips for Protecting Your Diabetic Feet

Seat belts, sunscreen, door locks – these are all used to protect yourself from harm, but what about your feet? Keeping diabetic feet safe is vital to avoiding problems that could start small and get big quickly! Don’t let that happen to you, especially when summer is finally about to begin! Follow these tips for […]

The Dangers of Diabetic Ulcers

Like a spring cleaning checklist, those with diabetes must follow a detailed regimen, and one that’s far more important than cleaning windows and closets, and trimming back shrubs! From watching your diet and controlling glucose levels, to safely exercising and making sure your shoes fit properly, if you are diabetic, there is a lot on […]